Guide of trust and security.

Trust is the basis of our relationship with thousands of Accountants, Companies and Employees throughout Europe. We value the trust you have placed in us and we take the responsibility to protect your information very seriously. To be worthy of your trust, Bilky is designing and improving with a focus on transparency, security and privacy.

Revisa nuestra guía de confianza y verificación

Transparency: Trust and verification.

We encourage you, and we hope that you do so, to verify that our security practices comply with the most accepted standards. We are in the process of managing the compliance and certification of ISO 27001 specialized in information security and we work hand in hand with,
PRODAT, a specialist in Data Protection and GDPR to certify and audit the correct treatment and security of all data. Our independent external auditors perform checks on our controls and make available their reports and opinions, which we share with you if necessary.

Seguridad: Protection and control

Bilky has been designed with several layers of protection: secure data transfer, encryption, network configuration and controls at the application level, all distributed in a secure and expandable infrastructure. All our servers are hosted in Data Centers such as Digital Ocean or Hetzner. These Data Centers are first level located in Spain, Holland and Germany, all of them within the European Union for the compliance of the New Regulation of Data Protection (RGPD). These Data Centers have the greatest possible physical and logical security.

La importancia de la seguridad y protección
La privacidad es nuestro compromiso

Privacy: Our commitment

Bilky is designed in the form of a distributed and secure infrastructure that has several levels of protection. We submit our platform to frequent tests to identify and solve vulnerabilities. We are committed to preserving the privacy of your data, whether personal or work. Our  Privacy Policyy Legal Notice and Terms of Service clearly indicate how we manage and protect your data. We strive to protect your information from unauthorised access and we have created policies and controls to safeguard the collection, use and disclosure of all your information.