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Documents Portal

Share documents with your employees in matter of second with the automatically assigning.

Holiday Management

Forget your excel and control al holidays and absence with you employees.

Time Control

Adapt to the new law and control the time of your employees in an easy way.


Share documentation in a safe and certificate way in every employee portal.

Fixed Plan

Plan Business includes you personal portal and a portal for each of your employees.


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+ TAX /month

€ 29,99

+ TAX /month
Up to 300 employees

Register or unregister employees without changes in your monthly plan.

Compleet employees portal

Store documents, manage vacations and absences and comply with the time control.

Corporate image

Configure your portal and that of your clients with the corporate image of your company.

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Documents Portal

Share all documents with your employees fast and secure through your Portal. With Bilky you can share all payslips of all your employees in seconds or share any other type of document (contracts, certificates, models, etc.). All documents shared with Bilky to your employees generate a shared certificate that you can always download.

El portal del empleado. Gestiona tus empleados de forma fácil El portal documental radicalmente fácil para enviar documentos de forma sencilla
Gestiona y controla el horario de todos tus empleados. Controla el horario de todos tus empleados

Time control

Comply with the new regulation without wasting time and information. Configure multiple schedules, departments and calendars. Check the time of entry and exit of all your employees and download the corresponding reports.

Holiday management

Forget about complicated Excel sheets. Configure your employees vacations and absences completely, allowing you to assign, request, accept or reject all kinds of requests. Always have control over available or spent days.

Gestiona las vacaciones sin necesita de Excel Asigna las vacaciones a tus empleados
Comunicate con tus empresas de forma sencilla Comparte comunicaciones a tus empleados


Communicate with your employees through the communication board. Publish news, relevant information, work calendar, etc … You can add images, attached documents and links.

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