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Bilky the easiest way to share documents between Accountants, Companies and Employees, automatic and with the maximum security.

Each Employee has its independent portal with all its working history accessible from any device.
Each company has its independent portal to receive and share all its documentation with its advisors and employees.
Each Accountant has its independent portal to receive and share all documentation with their companies.


It is the first free documentary portal that allows to automatically and securely share and receive all the documentation between Accountant, Companies and Employees.

With Bilky, each Accountant, Company and Employee has its own independent document portal where it shares and receives his documents, without the need to install any program and access it from anywhere in a secure way.

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Completely free and without comprise

Easy Assigning

Save time and gain security with automatic assigning. The technology of each portal identifies the CIF / NIF of each document and automatically assigns it to each Company or Employee, you only have to share the documents with a click, without having to assign them one by one.


Each document portal has a full backup of all shared and received documents categorized and ordered by company. Accessible always and from anywhere in the world.


No matter the software or program with which you generate the documents, Bilky is universal and compatible with any format, file, browser or program.

Without Installation

Without Preoccupation

Without Limitation

  • Paychecks
  • Invoices
  • Contracts
  • Certificates
  • Others
  • ZIP
  • PDF
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • PNG, JPEG, Otros
  • SAGE
  • A3 Software
  • Monitor Informática
  • Glasof Informática
  • Others
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera
  • Otros